From the inside

“From the inside" paints the constraining if not a maddening space of single mothering during a revolution.

from Square

A collection of mixed media creations of collage and photography. Photos were taken in Tahrir square during the first 18 days of the revolution of 25 January. Two years later, the works were enlarged and exhibited; and the visitors' reactions to the memo

Ramlet Boulak

Slum area about 4 km from the luxurious Nile towers that enjoy all kind of facilities and services while habitants in this area lack basic humanitarian needs and services. Ramlet Boulaq area has been without proper utilities since 1918 and that it r…

Temporary absence

mixed media creations of collage 2005

Talaat Harb In the room

the public domain closes gradually. Especially in the last two years it closes in our faces, on our dreams. Talaat Harb Square is a special street in my personal history. I pass by it on my way to high school , I meet my lover at Groppi’s corner during…

Transparent house

My house is transparent but it is not made of glass, more like vapor. The walls shrink and expand according to my desire. Sometimes I pull them close so that they become protective arms, other times I let them blossom like a flower t .George Daly Spira

Cairo Salzburg 2008

After I got my scholarship to study art at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Austria I make project about Memories between Cairo and Salzburg I made a monoprints exhibition in Summer Academy at Austria and at Cairo in Mashra …

My grandmother's chair

mixed media 2008

Women of Cairo

They walk carrying the universe over their shoulders, fighting everyday to build their dream world. learning, working, raising kids or fighting old traditions. They insist on fighting, optimistic they can make a better tomorrow. Women whom you can't se…

Feast smell

My grandma taught my aunt how to make «Kahk», Egyptian Feats' special cookies, It Used to has a very strong, kind smell, But After my Aunts passed away, The smell is no longer in our home, It has totally disappeared.


work in progress