Talaat Harb In the room

the public domain closes gradually. Especially in the last two years it closes in our faces, on our dreams. Talaat Harb Square is a special street in my personal history. I pass by it on my way to high school , I meet my lover at Groppi’s corner during my adolescent’s years. I celebrated the ouster of Mubarak in that street. Memories turn this square Into a personal square inside the exhibition room. I designed a model of the square Where a statue of Talaat Harb is sitting on the common wooden coffee shop chair. Next to the statue, the audience is sitting, taking pictures with is As if they want to capture the moment, because in reality, the statue of Talaat Hard is very high, almost unreachable. The audience is surrounded by pictures of different historical moments of the square, they are reacting with the statue and turning their experience into a game.