Women of Cairo

They walk carrying the universe over their shoulders, fighting everyday to build their dream world. learning, working, raising kids or fighting old traditions. They insist on fighting, optimistic they can make a better tomorrow. Women whom you can't see in their eyes any surrender but that they can go on and walk the road till the end, despite the difficulties.

After 20 years of marriage, Howida divorced and found herself a single mother for 2 kids, she call her kids «My plant», She was too busy to finish her master studies as she was working, studying, and ccoking for her kids.
Although she was a teacher in a prestigious college, Noha’s Family kept observing and controlling her, But One day, she decided to stop them, and she insisted to snatch her freedom and start her own new life
A journalist and a mother for 3 kids who struggling cancer and life, Hanan is the one who supports her family
Um Mahmoud sells bread since 15 years, and still, she believes in helping her ill husband who can’t afford a sufficient living for their kids, So, she never get bored of counting bread every day to know how much she gained today.
Sheri misses the warmth of her small town, sicnce she left it to search for her dream job In a tough city like cairo.
The only dream for Zienab - 14 years old -is returning to school
She was one of the pioneer women who worked at the National Bank of Egypt, while it was Italian, and, she is about 75 years old and still living for her grandkids, sharing them their smallest details, and learning them how to live their life perfectly a
Om Badria makes a living from selling vegetables in streets, To raise her daughters after her husband's death.
Afaf, a young lady who decided to work hard before marriage alth